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Why Led Light Bulbs Save Energy and Money

Why Led Light Bulbs Save Energy and Money

LED light bulbs are gaining popularity in homes across the world. This article discusses how LED lighting is efficient, easy on the environment and wallet too!

Led light bulbs have a lifespan that can last up to 50 years or more with regular use. Led lights do not contain mercury unlike most CFLs making them 100% recyclable when their life comes to an end.

LED bulbs are light bulbs that use less energy but emit the same amount of light as other types of lighting such as incandescent or CFL (compact fluorescent). LED bulbs use only around 15-25% of the energy that other types of light bulbs do, which can save you quite a bit on your electric bill each year. You can start with one of our Home LED Packages.

LED bulbs provide a warm, bright white light that’s similar in hue to an incandescent bulb but uses less than a quarter of the energy, If you’re considering making the switch to Led lighting, here are some points that you should consider.

You get the same light output with much lower cost
Every LED bulb is 100% recyclable
You save money every single year on your energy bill
You only need to replace your LED Bulbs every 10-20 years depending on their life span rating
You can customize your lighting experience by getting LED light bulbs that have a range of color options like the 3K Frosted LED and 4K Frosted LED colors. 
LED Light Bulb Color Variations


Many homeowners are using led lights for street lamps outside of their home because they are known to produce brighter beams than normal incandescent halogen or CFL lights while still being energy-efficient! Because led light bulb prices have gone down significantly over recent years, many consumers see it as a great opportunity to purchase these eco friendly devices for various uses around your business property at a greatly reduced cost.

 Led lights are a great way to reduce energy costs while still having long lasting, functional lighting in your home or business, which saves both time and money throughout their whole lifespan! In fact, they could pay for themselves in less than a year. If all homes in the US replaced just one regular bulb with an LED, we could save close to $600 million a year! Get started using them in your home today and take advantage of the benefits of having these low cost, low watt, high output lighting options today!


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